Best Instagram Automation Software in 2018

To answer this question we are heading over to Quora for a change to see what others have to say about this.

The person that posted this question appears to be a fan of FollowLiker, that he then starts to promote so it appears this is not much of a question but more a way for him to plug his own favorite Instagram bot, hiding his affiliate link with an URL shortener.

Well that’s all fine with me, we just head over the comment section to see what others have to say. Quora is being massively abused by many people to make money by asking questions, often better disguised then this one, and then answer the question with their own tool. That’s one way to market your stuff but well, it is as it is.

I’m surprised someone hasn’t invented an auto-like bot for Quora yet, or an upvote bot, or maybe it’s already there and I completely missed it. There are plenty of such bots for Instagram of course but I haven’t seen those Quora bots being promoted heavily. Perhaps an idea for a different post.

So what were we talking about here again? Oh yeah Instagram bots, now I remember!

The first person Alan Thompson makes a good point by saying that most comments point at tools that come with a monthly subscription. Why would you pay monthly for a tool in the first place, so the owner keeps it updated? Imo his incentive to update is to stay in line with the competition and to sell more new copies of it, but hey, that’s just me.

Then he obviously goes on plugging his own blog post that’s probably filled with affiliate links for Instagram tools, monthly ones included.

After going through three more comments that all talk about Follow Like or something I finally found another one named Kozigram. I actually never heard of this one while I’ve written enough about Instagram bots by now so it could be worth to take a look at.

Instapost is yet another less mentioned tool. and it has something to do with pictures, what a surprise.

Schedulgram helps you to schedule your post, I was always surprised Instagram didn’t have that option built-in already. What’s taking them so long?

Last but not least we have Hootsuite and Websta which both provide analytics for your account. It’s not really a way to automate things but it fills this blog post nicely.