Fun Facts About the Swiss Watch Industry

Fun Facts About the Swiss Watch Industry

Did you know that the Swiss watch industry was in a major crisis four decades ago?  Yes, the number one exporter of watches by value was in near decline but made an unprecedented comeback to dominate the market. And, that’s not all there is to tell about Swiss watches. Here’s a rundown of other interesting facts about the industry that you probably didn’t know.

Homegrown Brand

You must have heard of the term “Swiss Made.” What you may not know, however, is the symbolic meaning behind this phrase.  Swiss watchmakers, by law, have to source up to 60% of the materials they use locally. Therefore, when you come across the imprint “Swiss Made”, you’d better know that the watch is indeed from Switzerland.


There are about forty million Swiss watch replicas sold around the world every year. These numbers might be intriguing but that’s the closest you can get to owning a genuine Swiss watch if you’re a budget conscious. In fact, be sure check SwissReplication for the best Swiss watch replicas that will still serve the purpose without leaving a hole in your wallet.


The Swiss watch industry employs over 56,000 individuals. Now, that’s quite a sizeable number by all means. The leading brands in terms of offering employment include Rolex, the Swatch Group, and LVHM as well as other smaller outlets.

Unique Clock

Just when you thought that this industry couldn’t be more surprising, the Swiss watchmakers do you one better. The most accurate clock in Switzerland is atomic. And no, it has got nothing to do with radioactivity. It works by measuring particles. Word has it that if you check it in thirty million years, it would still be accurate within a single second. Now, that’s mind-boggling for sure.

High-end Brands

Swiss brands are some of the most expensive in the world. They’ve benefited from the demand for luxury items that have been on the rice since the 90s. These watches are popular with celebrities and wealthy businessmen.

It may catch your attention to know that a Swiss pocket watch raked in more than fifteen million pounds at an auction in November 2014.  As you’d expect, it holds the record for the most expensive watch ever bought!

The Bottom Line

The future of the Swiss watch industry is bright if the number of sales is anything to go by. But, just in case the high price locks you out, don’t forget that you can go always go for a replica.