Propane Patio Heaters

Even though summer is over, there is no reason to retreat from the outdoors. The use of an outdoor patio heater can bring back the comfort of summer and that indoor warmth while enjoying a cold winter night. Patio heaters will actually extend your living space. A patio heater will turn your outdoor deck or patio into a livable space all year long. There are many types of patio heaters to choose from. Perhaps one of the most popular type patio heaters is going to be the propane patio heater.

Propane patio heaters have several advantages that other outdoor heaters do not have. The most beneficial feature that propane heaters offer is portability. Most propane heaters can be moved from place to place when they are not connected to a permanent gas line. Propane patio heaters are usually self-containing. That means that there is no need to be connected to either an electrical or gas line. Portable propane heaters the propane tank hidden away inside a compartment so that you do not have to see it. However, when you need to access the tank, it is still easily accessible.

Another advantage to a propane patio heater is the wide availability of propane tanks and gasoline stations, convenience stores, or even grocery stores. Most places even offer a tank exchange club. In other words, you pay only a certain amount of money per month and you are able to go exchange your empty tank for a filled one whenever you run out. That is extremely convenient.

Propane patio heaters will work excellent for any sized patio or deck. Power is determined by the amount of BTUs or British Thermal Units that a unit emits. Smaller units will emit 10,000 BTUs and cast heat around a 10-foot perimeter. More powerful 50,000 BTU units will heat a 20-foot or larger perimeter. Propane patio heaters are perfect for restaurant patios. These heaters will keep your guests warm while they drink with friends, ultimately providing the business owner with money.

Propane outdoor heaters utilize 20lbs. propane tank for the floor-standing units and have the heat range for up to 20ft in diameter. It can last for approximately 10 hours. Tabletop heaters use 1-2lbs propane tank and produce heat range up to 7ft diameter. The heater can provide heat for up to 3 hours.
Propane patio heaters are equipped with safety tilt valves for tip over protection. However, not all units have this feature thus you choose very carefully and make sure it has the tilt valve before purchasing the unit.

The heaters are made of durable materials such as stainless steel, copper, and bronze. However, you have to make sure that the materials is really high in standard and not just polished to look like the actual material. To ensure the durability and high quality of the unit, choose to purchase the heater with UL certification.
Your patio or pool deck will not going to be a chilly space. You can turn to the cold ambiance in to a cozy and lively space where family and friends can enjoy an outdoor party that can possibly last until midnight. Or you can have a comfortable conversation with your love one while sitting on the outdoor chair and watching the stars. All of these can possibly happen with the radiant heat that the patio heaters produce.

There are many online retailers who sell patio heaters. Many of them claim to have very low prices they overcharge you for shipping. Purchase your outdoor patio heater from an online retailer who includes shipping in their costs. This way you know that you are getting an honest price up front.