How to Protect Your Child from Flu

How to Protect Your Child from Flu

When the weather gets chilly, flu, especially among young children becomes an everyday occurrence. But, you can take measures to keep your little one from becoming a victim. And if affected, be sure to find quick remedies. The best part is, unlike most ailments, it doesn’t cost much to treat flu. Below is a checklist of some of the measures you can take to safeguard your kid from colds and flu during fall or any other season.

Use CBD Oil

While CBD can’t kill viruses that cause flu, it can help ease the intensity of the symptoms. Some of these include headaches, inflammation and other types of pain associated with the condition. Be sure to give the oil to your child in measured doses to prevent side effects. On top of that, visit to read more about CBD oil and how it works to improve the human body overall well-being.

Get the Child Vaccinated

Vaccination is one of the most efficient ways to shield your tot (and yourself) from flu viruses all year round.  Be sure to visit your family doctor before the flu season kicks in (as soon as the vaccine becomes available) and get the young one vaccinated. Flu vaccination starts in January through to February and sometimes extends up to May.

Repeated studies show that taking your child for vaccination can reduce the chances of him/her getting sick by up to 90%. While a vaccine may not always protect your kid from infection, it reduces the intensity and duration of symptoms.

Restrict Your Kid’s Movement

Flu is an airborne disease. When your child becomes infected, the best way to stop the condition from aggravating is to let them stay at home. Again, if there’s an outbreak, restricting the kid’s movement within the neighborhood may be the surest way to prevent infection.

Let You Kid Get Plenty of Sleep

Adequate, sound sleep is beneficial as far as countering the effects of colds and flu is concerned. Studies suggest that enough sleep is crucial for a healthy immune system. Lack of sleep will only worsen the flu and extend the period of symptoms. Doctors recommend that you allow your tot to sleep for at least seven hours.

Feed Your Child Healthy Meals

A healthy diet will certainly perk up your baby’s immune system. In essence, this means that the body will fight flu and cold viruses better. The food should contain fruits, lots of veggies, complex carbohydrates and low-fat proteins. Also, encourage him/her to take lots of fluids.

Let Your Kid Stay Fit

Playing is essential as it helps your child stay healthy and improve cognitive skills. It also helps boost the immune system, protecting your child from becoming sick. In adults, a regular exercise regimen helps ward off extra weight and is essential overall health.

In conclusion, flu and colds are not hard to treat. But, if ignored, they can intensify to other serious ailments. Don’t be caught off-guard during the flu season. The above measures will ensure that your child stays infection-free.